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"Brand New Day" is the forty-fifth episode of Marvel's Spider-Man and part one of the two part Cellar Saga. It will air on October 20, 2019.


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When a series of attacks captures the Avengers one-by-one, Spider-Man is left to figure out who is behind the kidnappings.


Peter Parker is back in his own body — finally. With Doctor Octopus's Superior Spider-Man gone, Peter’s free to be his wisecracking self once again, and also resume the duties of Spider-Man. He’s just in time too, because there’s more trouble around the corner.

After The Avengers are all captured one-by-one by a mysterious being, Spidey is left to figure out who’s behind this dastardly deed. However, with so many villains already locked up in a high-security prison known as The Cellar, his suspect list is short. 


Major Characters

Minor Characters



  • The title of the episode is named after the 2008 Spider-Man comic book storyline of the same name.
  • This is the first animated debut of Regent.
  • Due to Otto's actions as Superior Spider-Man, Gwen, Anya, and Ms. Marvel are no longer speaking to Peter.
  • According to this episode, Otto has done a lot more as Superior Spider-Man than what was shown to the audience, such as another team up with the Avengers.
    • Despite appearing in a newspaper headline, Captain Marvel was never among the Avengers captured by Regent.
  • A Goblin Nation logo can be seen when Spider-Man enters the subway station from the sewers.

    A Goblin Nation logo.

  • The Suit Spider-Man builds to combat Regent in this episode is actually the scuba-gear suit from the previous animated series Ultimate Spider-Man, but without the diving helmet.